40+ Jiu Jitsu

Have you ever wanted to start a sport but didn't want to get caught up with those dang whipper snappers? Did you used to compete in athletics at a high level though took a short, 10-20 year hiatus? Afraid of getting injured because your body just doesn't do what it used to? Here is your chance to start something new in an environment built just for the seasoned athlete.

40+ Jiu Jitsu is Gracie Jiu Jitsu at an intensity that makes sense for the former HS athlete turned corporate exec, the mom of three who doesn't have time to be down and out, and the couch potato that wants to make a positive change in their life (if you watch the Golden Girls like us, bonus points to you). Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a work out though it doesn't have to be for a trophy, medal or training like you are trying to make the Olympic squad. 

See you on the mat!

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